Audit and Penetration testing

Idappcom has always focused exclusively on the production of high quality tools and libraries to enable the Top Vendors of equipment and security signatures to develop hardware and software. The full range of tools and libraries is available to all commercial organisations but in an effort to support the need to fight against the rising national and individual 'hacking' occurrences we are making specialised and specific tools and libraries available online as subscription products, for consultants, education and government.

Traffic IQ Special Packs

Designed for Consultants, Education, and Government
An advanced software platform, specifically developed to audit and enhance the recognition and response capabilities of network based security defences. Product Information or Buy Now.

Snort and Suricata security rules

Finding the problems is only part of the Security officers task. Enhancing the capabilities of the security devices and managing the multiple sources of rules is a complex job where thousands of prospective rules need to be selected, localised, created and deployed is becoming almost impossible without tools to assist. We have developed a management application that helps in the provision of almost instant solutions and the management of the main supplies of rules.

Easy Rules Manager

Richly featured management suite designed to make it easy to import, edit and merge multiple vendor rules feeds, then deploy custom rulesets to your sensors. Download a 30 day trial, and get your FREE activation key from your My Account page. Product Information or Buy Now.

Easy Rules Creator

FREE application for the authoring and creation of Snort rules, which guides the user with an intuitive interface, and prevents the use of invalid options. Product Information or Download Now.