Idappcom Ltd

We are striving to provide our customers with the highest levels of network based security defence. Through dedication and a commitment to excellence Idappcom's enterprise products empower some of the world's largest organisations with the ability to self assess and improve their defensive capabilities.

Our team brings decades of diverse experience and a history of success, creating innovative products and solutions that enable our customers around the world to have confidence in their network security defences.

Demand has been our inspiration to create special packages for Education and Government users plus solutions to the issues discovered using our Traffic IQ applications. By creating different packages and an application to manage rules we are able to offer these as an online service at prices that are more suitable to the different client needs.

Our Policies

Idappcom trades according to defined policies and licence terms. We have clients from many different countries and we, therefore, try to keep our policies and terms applicable to as many countries as possible.

Our corporate language is English. If you would like any information on this website clarified please contact us.

Idappcom is a UK company registered in England.